August 20, 2018

Tom Lee Says Bitcoin ‘Isn’t Broken.’ Actual Events Prove Him Right

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In spite of the sharp slide in Bitcoin (BTC) past week, Tom Lee, CEO of Fundstrat, is nonetheless spreading his sturdy bullish sentiment. In an interview for CNBC, Mr. Lee commented that Bitcoin (BTC) nonetheless had enough reasons to maximize its benefit and that in point, in the middle of the bearish sector, there are indications to show that it is plainly the king of cryptocurrencies.

Tom Lee on a earlier interview, detailing why the hole among BTC (BTC) genuine rates and 200 MA is a bullish sign

According to Mr. Lee, even after the total bearish trend, Bitcoin’s dominance enhanced in proportion, which is a clear indicator of investors’ self-confidence in Bitcoin’s strength and its prospective as a authentic and verifiable asset.


He also believes that while past week’s news fueled a strong bearish run, the announcements may well truly have attracted investors with a far more strategic and very long-expression business strategy.

The news that we have witnessed, from the SEC indicating bitcoin’s a commodity, to … the prospective for an [exchange-traded fund] is creating investors to decide that bitcoin is the finest residence in a challenging sector,

Prolonged-Expression vs. Short-Expression

It is important to take note that limited and very long-expression investing tactics are really various, even becoming contradictory at distinct situations. For illustration, a scalper can revenue by shorting bitcoin while owning a much better total of bitcoin (BTC) in a very long-expression bullish posture. Although a sector may well be bearish on charts of considerably less than 4 hrs, the image may well be totally various on charts with candles expressing more time periods of time.

Right after a fairly sustained fall that led Bitcoin to arrive at values below 6k (an important resistance in the course of 2018), Bitcoin had a constant rise of far more than 2k USD approaching the 8.4k mark just a couple of days in the past. Nevertheless, following the SEC’s announcement to reject the application for a Bitcoin ETF and the current delay on another application, the crypto sector expert a sharp drop.

Tom Lee: “Bitcoin is not Broken”

Nevertheless, for Mr. Tom Lee, these sorts of ups and downs are nutritious, and are by no suggests a indication of weakness for Bitcoin (BTC) as it has repeatedly tested the 6k guidance:

Bitcoin is not broken if it’s holding at these amounts. I think men and women are fearful it is heading to go again down to $6,000 and by no means appear again from individuals bear marketplaces … I think bitcoin dominance is truly displaying the sector is reacting to what’s been taking spot.

Normally, in these unstable marketplaces, the social effect of numerous news can typically direct to exaggerated reactions. Both FOMO and FUD are social phenomena that have develop into really renowned in crypto-verse, especially among limited-expression traders.

A Environmentally friendly Upcoming Coming Right after The 6K?

Ideal now, Bitcoin (BTC) has tested when once more the 6k USD guidance, bouncing to 6.5k USD in cost with a awesome panorama in the limited expression. Subsequent “soft” resistance is in the vicinity of 6.9k USD, with a much better exam zone close to 7.5K USD

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