August 20, 2018

TokenPay (TPAY) CEO, Security Guru John McAfee, Two Others, To Debate Crypto Adoption

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TokenPay (TPAY) CEO, Derek Capo, and veteran stability Guru, John McAfee, with CEO of ModernChain and Oninute.Tech are likely to be debating cryptocurrency adoption on Youtube.

The programme will come up on Thursday August 9th 2018 at 5pm EST (11pm CEST), and will entail cerebral bigwigs in the cryptocurrency earth debating the much wanted adoption.

The discussion area is pioneered by Keith Wareing, a renowned profitable entrepreneur and crypto-fanatic who oversees a well known Youtube channel.

Rumours has it that John McAfee, who has been pushing for mainstream adoption will have the prospect to go over at length, how to go about crypto adoption while also defending his stands on the explanations why cryptocurrency has to be adopted by all irrespective of colour, region, and nature. He has been condemning countries hindering mass adoption, and also available to discussion the Safety and Exchange Fee who has been doing the job against vast acceptance of crypto.

Meanwhile, John McAfee is experiencing lots of criticism on his failed short term predictions. The profitable internet expert is also experiencing assaults just after his much wanted “unhackable” BitFi wallet was alleged hacked.

Nevertheless, McAfee defended the wallet expressing, no funds was carted away by these who allegedly claimed they obtained entry into the wallet.

In defense of the wallet, He tweeted:

“Hackers expressing they have received root obtain to the BitFi wallet. Very well whoop-de-do! So what? Root obtain to a unit with no publish or modify capability. Which is as useless as a dentist license un a nuclear ability plant. Can you get the funds on the wallet? No. Which is what issues.”

“Then choose the funds from the wallet. Isn’t that the challenge? Can you get it or not? We really don’t even have to have that you obtain the wallet remotely. We’ll send you the fucking thing with funds on it. Can you get it or not? The remedy is no! Who cares what other useless shit you can do.”

In the discussion is also Derek Capo, who has been anxious with crypto adoption. The platform at the time acquired a stake in Germany-based WEG financial institution, but later dashed out the stake to Litecoin basis to generate some knowledge.

Nonetheless, Derek hopes to purchase much more stake in the financial institution to give crypto the prospect to coexist with banks.