August 20, 2018

The KuCoin Referral Bonus System Is Back again!

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The KuCoin Referral Bonus System Is Back again!

Invite your good friend and get a referral reward!

You will acquire up to 20% referral reward each time your good friend completes an get.

Your Referral reward will be successful for one calendar year.

It’s Quick to redeem your referral reward with one click!

Three uncomplicated actions to get your referral reward

Log in to get your unique invitation website link and share it with your buddies.

Request your good friend to sign-up by using the invitation website link and full an get on KuCoin.

You will acquire the referral reward each time your good friend completes an get. The more buddies you invite, the more reward you’ll get!


Principles of the Referral Bonus System

  1. The inviter will acquire the corresponding Referral Bonus from the transaction fee, each time the invitee completes an get.
  2. Just about every referral will be successful for one calendar year beginning from your friend’s initial accomplished get.
  3. Referral Bonus = Invitee’s transaction quantity * Transaction fee rate * Referral Bonus  rate dependent on the level of the invitee.
  4. Referral Bonus rate of A-level invitee: 20%
    Referral Bonus rate of B-level invitee: 12%
    Referral Bonus rate of C-level invitee: 8%
  5. KuCoin will problem the Referral Bonus just about every two hours.
  6. Referral Bonus can be saved in your wallet with one straightforward click.

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