July 21, 2018

Orch Network: A new self-evolving quantum-secure privacy-preserving cryptocurrency and scalable dapp system created to survive and thrive in the deep potential (10,000 many years and past)

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This short article is a strategic response to the following crypto-associated papers revealed in 2017: 1. “An (Institutional) Investor’s Choose on Cryptoassets” by John Pfeffer of Pfeffer Capital and 2. “Plasma: Scalable Autonomous Wise Contracts” by Joseph Poon of Lightning Network and Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum Basis.

John Pfeffer in his paper titled “An (Institutional) Investor’s Choose on Cryptoassets” promises that “scaling methods for blockchains in certain and decentralized networks together with (implied) DAG-centered networks this kind of as PoS, Sharding, etcetera. are bullish for adoption and users/individuals but bearish for token price/traders. Even with out those technologies shifts, the charge of utilizing decentralized protocols is deflationary, considering that the charge of processing electricity, storage and bandwidth are deflationary.” Even further, he states “It’s a oversight to compare monopoly network effects of Fb or other centralized platforms to blockchain protocols for the reason that blockchain protocols can be forked to a functionally identical blockchain with the same record and users up to the instant if a guardian chain persists in staying arbitrarily expensive to use (i.e. lease-trying to find). Like TCP/IP but as opposed to Fb, blockchain protocols are open up-supply software that anybody can duplicate or fork freely.” Include regulatory pressures on Bitcoin and community permissionless currency and its adverse impact.

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It’s apparent from his statements that John is not knowledgeable of the newest R&D tasks concentrated on bettering decentralized networks and innovations in decentralized protocols in particular “Unforkable Realtime Blockchains” this kind of as Algorand, Bitlattice and Orch.Network centered on Recursive STARKs and FHE/SHE. He is also ignorant of the truth that there are various tasks working on self-evolving censor-evidence quantum secure protocols this kind of as Orch Network (token symbol: ORC and URL: https://orch.network/). These protocols have adopted a continual advancement tactic although receiving prepared for upcoming paradigm shifts in technologies e.g. sensible quantum computing and quantum internet. He also does not realize that a futuristic protocol token with infinite-divisibility integrated with a hybrid quantum-classical computational infrastructure can very easily counteract and neutralize the deflationary mother nature of its have tokens and its minimal offer challenging cap producing it infinitely scalable and elastic.

Even though I agree with his following statement: “A non-sovereign, non-fiat, trustless, censorship-resistant crypto asset would be a much improved substitute for most foreign currency intercontinental reserves. IMF SDRs are previously a synthetic keep of price, so could also be very easily and sensibly replaced by this kind of a crypto asset”, this necessarily does not make BTC the suitable prospect for various good reasons: 1. BTC is not a self-bettering self-evolvable entirely censorship-resistant crypto asset which is a should for it to qualify as a practical reserve asset and charm to extensive-expression institutional and higher net-really worth traders.

Bitcoin’s miners are mostly company entities owning significant investments in ASIC-centered mining equipments. It’s not extremely hard to corner 51% mining electricity by a centralized resourceful entity compromising double paying out security and other trustless protection steps designed-in. So BTC is not actually decentralized. 2. The underlying hash algorithm and encryption protocol of BTC known as SHA-256 can be broken by multi-qubit quantum circuits and quantum computer systems beneath active advancement in labs across the globe. So BTC is not potential-evidence and its extremely existence is threatened unless of course its main builders continually modify and enhance its underlying protection model and technologies. 3. Bitcoin is not infinitely-divisible that is it’s not only upwardly non-scalable, the same is accurate for its downward scalability. In truth, BTC has only 8 decimal sites known as Satoshis (1 satoshi = .00000001 BTC).

Futuristic protocol tokens this kind of as infinitely scalable miner-a lot less Orch(ORC) need to be a lot more beautiful to extensive-expression traders looking for an substitute non-sovereign, non-fiat, and trustless, censorship-resistant privacy preserving higher-velocity crypto asset.

In their paper titled “Plasma: Scalable Autonomous Wise Contracts” Joseph Poon and Vitalik Buterin defines their proposal as “Plasma is a proposed framework for incentivized and enforced execution of ‘smart contracts’ which is scalable to a significant volume of condition updates for every second (potentially billions) enabling the blockchain to be in a position to characterize a significant volume of decentralized monetary apps around the globe.” Now, the very first thing is it’s not very clear what they necessarily mean by “Autonomous Wise Contracts” and what specifically autonomous element in Plasma it refers to. For instance, an autonomous weapon would established the goal and hit it on its have with out any individuals in the loop or an autonomous self-driving auto would push down to a desired destination place with out any human navigating it.

Now contrary to their promises, their off-chain and second-layer scaling remedy with Ethereum(ETH) as the root blockchain is neither censor-evidence nor actually scalable as this involves condition-channel centered masternodes/validators. So it’s not a feasible remedy at all as have faith in issues will crop up at each and every instant.

Moreover, Scalable Multi-Get together Computation is feasible only in a system that guarantees practical encryption i.e. question, exchange and computation involving encrypted objects, info and entities which is possible only through recursive STARKs and Lattice-centered FHE(Thoroughly Homomorphic Encryption). A second-layer protocol like Plasma does not have the capacity of delivering practical encryption to all distributed nameless events owning zero mutual trusts.

There is a recurring effort and hard work to thrust some dangerous products and solutions beneath a guise of sophisticated blockchains and decentralized platforms. For instance, concealed external oracles and company entity-managed decentralized platforms. Blockchain apps live in their have digital realm, entirely orthogonal to the authentic globe and surroundings we live in. Be it a decentralized application or a intelligent deal, their arrive at is minimal to the space they can handle. Any use situation projection in our fact at some point confronts the following challenging truth: how can an app proficiently and securely interact with the bodily globe? Now concealed external oracles like that of oraclize.it and components Pythias are staying promoted as the methods to this dilemma. But (IMHO) internal encrypted entities of Orch (ORC) system known as Degents owning accessibility to cryptographically reputable external software/components sensors-actors will transparently and securely interact with the external globe/surroundings.

Only miner-a lot less potential-evidence typical-objective decentralized networks this kind of as Orch(ORC) created from scratch as an MPC (Multiparty Computation) system can supply actually scalable MPC methods flawlessly and reliably to hundreds of thousands of individuals simultaneously with out compromising on protection and trustlessness.

The much-reaching impact of a self-evolving infinitely-scalable typical-objective authentic-time unforkable community blockchain with designed-in quantum secure privacy and multi-compute options will be immeasurable and profound.

It would rework the full universe of blockchain and decentralized networks together with all blockchain-centered and blockchain-totally free platforms this kind of as DAG-centered and DHT-centered platforms e.g. IOTA, Nano and Holochain.

Orch Network (indigenous token symbol: ORC and URL: https://orch.network) will allow and electricity following dapps and consumer-circumstances:

Privateness-preserving Infinitely-divisible Hypercurrency and Private World Payment Process with integrated encrypted decentralized chat service

Unmanned Decentralized Cryptoasset Exchanges

Substantial-scale Federated IoT Networks

Decentralized DNS Clusters

Anonymous trading of Tokenized Fiscal Property and Derivatives Contracts

Automated Hedge Money

Crypto darkpools

Temporal Insurance policy Solutions

World offer chain and unmanned cargo ships and drones

Real-time Encrypted Movie Communication capable Anonymous World-wide-web Infrastructure

Significant-velocity Non-sovereign Reserve Asset

Near-Great Coin Mixer

Decentralized Marketplace Application

Clear Sturdy Secure Cash

Decentralized P2P Storage of functionally encrypted info

Permissionless ICO Platforms

Decentralized and Encrypted Fb, gmail, Twitter and google-like lookup/answer engines

Decentralized CDNs

Customizable Decentralized Governance Process for blockchains and dapps

Another essential thing that will improve the selling price and price of Orch Network token ORC is its integrated Turing Incomplete cyber deal protocol working Turing Incomplete cyber contracts written in Crackcity (a Turing Incomplete language derived from Crack and Simplicity) that runs on major of Crack Machine(s). Crack devices are Orch’s blockchain digital devices.

Ethereum’s main deficiency and Achilles’ heel is its Turing Finish intelligent deal programming language Solidity.

Turing-total languages are fundamentally inappropriate for producing “smart contracts” — for the reason that this kind of languages are inherently undecidable, which will make it extremely hard to know what a “smart contract” will do before working it.

(2) We need to discover from Wall Street’s existing DSLs (domain-precise languages) for monetary products and solutions and intelligent contracts, centered on declarative and practical languages this kind of as Ocaml and Haskell — as an alternative of executing what the World-wide-web 2. programmers” guiding Solidity did, and what Peter Todd is also apparently embarking on: ie, disregarding the lessons that Wall Road has previously realized, and “reinventing the wheel”, utilizing a lot less-appropriate languages this kind of as C++ and JavaScript-like languages (Solidity), merely for the reason that they seem “easier” for the “masses” to use.

(3) We need to also consider utilizing specification languages (to say what a deal does) alongside with implementation languages (declaring how it need to do it) — for the reason that specifications are higher-stage and much easier for individuals to read than implementations which are decrease-stage intended for devices to run — and also for the reason that ecosystems of specification/implementation language pairs (this kind of as Coq/Ocaml) help formal reasoning and verification equipment which could be used to mathematically prove that a intelligent contract’s implementation is “correct” (ie, it satisfies its specification) before even working it.

Turing-total languages lead to “undecidable” systems (ie, you simply cannot figure out what you do until finally following you run them)

Just one trace: remember that Gödel’s incompleteness theorem proved that any mathematical procedure which is (Turing)-total, should also be inconsistent incomplete [hat tip] — that is, in any this kind of procedure, it should be possible to formulate propositions which are undecidable within that procedure.

This is associated to items like the Halting Trouble.

And by the way, Ethereum’s concept of “gas” is not a authentic remedy to the Halting Trouble: Certainly, working out of “gas” means that the machine will “stop” at some point, but this naïve method does not triumph over the a lot more basic difficulties about undecidability of systems written utilizing a Turing-total language.

The take-absent is that:

When utilizing any Turing-total language, it will often be possible for another person (eg, the DAO hacker, or some crook like Bernie Madoff, or some very well-which means but clueless dev from slock.it) to formulate a “smart contract” whose which means simply cannot be established in progress by basically inspecting the code: ie, it will often be possible to produce a intelligent deal whose which means can only be established following working the code.

Choose a instant to contemplate the entire, deep (and horrifying) implications of all this.

Some of the greatest mathematicians and computer system researchers of the 20th century previously uncovered and definitively proved (much to the consternation most of their a lot less-subtle (naïve) colleagues — who yet at some point have been pressured to arrive about and begrudgingly agree with them) that: supplied a “smart contract” written in a Turing-total language, it is extremely hard to decide the semantics / actions of that “smart contract” in progress, by mere inspection — either by a human, or even by a machine this kind of as a theorem prover or formal reasoning resource (for the reason that this kind of equipment however only work on a lot more-restricted languages, not on Turing-total languages — for facts on this kind of a lot more-restricted languages, see further down below on “constructivism” and “intuitionistic logic”).

The horrifying conclusion is that: the only way to decide the semantics / actions of a “smart contract” is “after-the-fact” — ie, by in fact working it on some machine (eg, the notorious EVM) — and ready to see what happens (eg, ready for a hacker to “steal” tens of hundreds of thousands of pounds — merely for the reason that he recognized the semantics / actions of the code improved than the builders did).

Previous but not the minimum, escalating regulatory pressures on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other permissionless community cryptocurrencies/cryptotokens will impact their rates negatively in the medium to extensive-expression.

The will need for a hyperfast personal zero-awareness evidence cryptocurrency that keeps payer-payee and payment info personal and protected alongside with a decentralized scalable multi-computation system simply cannot be overemphasized.

The Empire strikes back again. Previous but not the minimum, escalating regulatory pressures from nation states and their multilateral message boards this kind of as BIS and IMF on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other permissionless community cryptocurrencies/cryptotokens will impact their rates negatively in the medium to extensive-expression.

The will need for a hyperfast personal zero-awareness evidence cryptocurrency that keeps payer-payee and payment info personal and protected alongside with a decentralized scalable multi-computation system simply cannot be overemphasized.

Now let’s recap the vital factors I have elaborated so much.

Orch is scalable nameless conversation and cryptocurrency project that pivots on accurate decentralization.

The main advancement staff users guiding Orch are unfold throughout the globe not forever domiciled in a one region, condition or nation or even concentrated in a one continent

Core strengths of Orch

  1. a) Orch is Unforkable. Orch is an infinitely scalable evolutionary realtime decentralized infrastructure that is unforkable. Forkability of present blockchain-centered decentralized protocols is a main downside as it’s bearish for token holders/traders. An institutional/Significant Net-Worthy of trader need to be normally bullish on ORC tokens due to its unforkability.
  2. b) Orch is infinitely scalable both of those in phrases of divisibility of its financial unit ORC (downward scalability) but also in phrases of validations/transactions processing for every second
  3. c) Orch is a privacy-preserving system with designed-in zero-awareness multi-occasion computation abilities. It keeps not only payer-payee info personal but also lets two or a lot more trustless events to exchange information and facts and values with out revealing personal information and facts or revealing information and facts in a functionally encrypted form on which respectable and/or suitable queries can be built.
  4. d) Orch is actually decentralized with out compromising on transaction velocity and network latency due to its peer-to-peer randomly selected users-miners scalable authentic-time blockchain federation architecture.
  5. e) Scalable Turing-Incomplete Cyber (Wise) contracts. Orch is the only actually unforkable generalized community decentralized system created to electricity Turing-Incomplete (secure and protected) intelligent contracts, decentralized software engineering and scalable decentralized functionally encrypted multi-computation applications concurrently in authentic-time with out relying on international statefulness. Unforkabilty of a decentralized system will decide its achievement as much bullishness of token price is worried from the standpoint of a token customer/trader. In addition Orch is both of those qualitatively and quantitatively exceptional to Hederra Hashgraph (HH) in phrases of velocity of its transaction validation (billions of TPS of Orch in contrast to just number of hundred hundreds of HH) and accurate decentralization as Orch is mineable by distributed peer-to-peer users-miners not some centralized council users vulnerable to be blackmailed by centralized authorities across the globe. There is no exclusive privileged miners-only group in Orch. All users working Orch nodes are equivalent and miners are selected randomly.

Some Person Circumstances and Applications:

  1. Privateness-preserving Infinitely-divisible Cryptocurrency and Private World Payment Process with integrated encrypted decentralized chat service
  2. Real-time Encrypted Movie Communication capable Anonymous World-wide-web Infrastructure
  3. Significant-velocity Non-sovereign Reserve Asset
  4. Decentralized CDNs
  5. Customizable Decentralized Governance Process for video online games, blockchains, dapps and digital property/associations in typical
  6. Clear and Honest Sturdy Secure Cash
  7. Permissionless ICO Platforms
  8. Decentralized Marketplace Applications
  9. Anonymous trading of Tokenized Fiscal Property and Derivatives Contracts connected to underlying crypto/fiat-property
  10. Decentralized Engineering of Application and software-intense products and solutions
  11. Decentralized and Functionally Encrypted Fb, gmail, Twitter and google-like lookup/answer engines

Orch ICO-1st Phase is live now at https://orch.network/ico/#ico
Institutional/Significant Net-really worth traders can avail beautiful reward(ORC Tokens at discounted rates) in this article: https://orch.network/ico/#reward

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