August 20, 2018

KIMEX: ABinary Option Transactions Supported by Smart Contracts: Open up to Investors August, 2018.

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To many economical investors through the globe, Binary Option is not a new strategy. However, in Vietnam’s economical industry, there are number of who comprehend and use binary alternatives dependent on a blockchain flatform.

Taken as a important to results, big KIMEX delivers a general public project to the economical industry by KIMEX builders.

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With a one of a kind company sample, our organization is intending to reinforce economical markets via clever contracts. For that reason, it is an effective stepping stone to building KIMEX perfect transactions.

KIMEX basic info

What is KIMEX?

KIMEX is a decentralized binary alternatives platform dependent on blockchain in a peer-to-peer sample. Just after KIMEX builders have finished the binary alternatives platform, they will build a lot more sophisticated transactions.


Opposite to conventional transaction strategies, the KIMEX project will provide traders a properly trustworthy transaction ecosystem. It is successful to lessen the worst circumstance many traders confront in the most minimum margin and assurance the security of transactions.

The prestigious industry assures traders link to the platform via our whitelabel application. All accessible info of traders is specific and deserving to attain their transactions.

KIMEX driven by blockchain has characterized fantastic features. By using KIMEX, no one can counterfeit info or depress the market as with other conventional implies.

KIMEX is obtaining a token sale, using as a 100% revenue stocks dependent in KIMEX.IO.

“Our mission is to provide specific industry of derived economical industry as well as opportunity kinds to assure the promotion of shared economical industry,” KIMEX producer crew leader explained.

Let’s consider that there is a platform in which all transactions are viewable and no one can adjust the procedure with fraud.

KIMEX’S Issues

As other initiatives in this sort of industry, KIMEX, in particular, driven by blockchain, needs a lot more time to give entry to traders and investors.

It is the time to clearly show its benefit to become commonplace around the globe, not just in not long ago developed nations around the world.

KIMEX Development

The KIMEX project is proven and developed in eight steps:

  • January – February 2018: assembly involving founders of KIMEX and their partners.
  • 15, August 2018: KIMEX is designed general public.
  • 1, September 2018: ICO campaign starts off.
  • March 2019: Binary Option platform driven by blockchain is general public.
  • June 2019: introduced to internal exchange industry.
  • December 2019: KIMEX electrical wallet is introduced.
  • March 2019: KIMEX app on cellular telephones is introduced.
  • October 2020: the impending business in Singapore is proven.

Acquiring KIMEX crew:

There are 6 professionals and counselors in finance and technologies elements have labored in blockchain for five yrs. They are:

  • Adam Son – Founder and CEO
  • Gideon Huynh – Founder  and CTO
  • Jully Bridget – Chef Advertising Supervisor
  • Pearl Dương – Senior Computer software Growth
  • Peter Tran –Product Supervisor
  • Phi Hoang –  Blockchain Developer

It is plain the KIMEX is a breakthrough in economical markets. Are you prepared to become investors?