August 20, 2018

Golem CEO Says Ethereum is the Most Promising Blockchain Network

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Ethereum is now one of the most essential blockchain networks in the current market. About it, Zulian Zawistowski, CEO of Golem, said that Vitalik Buterin’s creation is the most promising platform. Ether is now the next most essential digital currency in the current market just after Bitcoin.

Ethereum is The Most Promising Blockchain Platform

It seems that Ethereum is getting regarded as by a number of essential figures as one of the most promising platforms in the world. In truth, this is what Golem’s CEO thinks.

Through a TNW Answer Session, Mr. Zawistowski commented about it:

“Ethereum is by far the most promising platform and we are not able to see an additional on which is remotely near to it. Of training course we would like to interact with blockchain more and the moment Ethereum scales we will be in a position to do it in a wider manner.”

Golem is now the 46th cryptocurrency in relevance by current market capitalization. Each Golem token can be purchased for $.46 bucks and it has a current market worth of $390 million bucks.

Golem is a around the globe and decentralized supercomputer that brings together the computing electric power of every solitary device connected to the network. Customers are in a position to share and monetize their laptop electric power and other folks are in a position to get it in a truthful market.

According to Mr. Zawistowski, one of the major targets of Golem is to help in a variety of distinctive spots, like healthcare analysis, or urban setting up.

“In an suitable setting we would like to see Golem fixing and supporting a variety of spots, even though AI is extremely essential for us, I believe we would remain way from governmental problems,” answered Julian Zawistowski to a problem similar to political and economic involvement of the Golem network.

“We would like to see Golem help healthcare analysis and discoveries, run computations for AI that can help urban setting up and make a more harmonious world,” he defined.

Ethereum is now performing on distinctive scaling remedies, such as Sharding and Plasma. These two proposals would be in a position to boost the capacity of the public blockchain network. In this way, numerous other tasks and developers will be in a position to do the job on best of it devoid of having bottlenecks as it happened in the previous – when CryptoKitties appeared, for instance.

Ethereum in the Market place

At the moment, there are other blockchain networks that are striving to switch Ethereum, or at minimum be a genuine competitor to Ethereum’s dominance. EOS, Tron or NEO are starting off to offer you equivalent providers like Ethereum, and in the long run could be widely adopted.

But at the moment, the final results have been not so distinct. Ethereum’s cryptocurrency is the next most essential in the current market, developers are still do the job on that network, and other platforms are not in a position to switch or even obstacle it.

At the moment, Ethereum is getting traded all-around $586 bucks, and it has a current market capitalization of $58 billion bucks. At the exact same time, EOS is now the 5th most essential currency in the current market and it has a total current market worth of $10 billion bucks.