July 21, 2018

Are Native Exchange Tokens A Secure Trade?

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Exchange tokens are a somewhat new arrival on the crypto scene but have rapidly risen to prominence because of to their obtaining the 1 detail that all coins search for: utility.

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Although most coins are only backed up by whitepaper guarantees and overlong roadmaps, exchange tokens currently have a authentic-entire world purpose, and present users a little something in return.

An exchange coin isn’t likely to revolutionize the entire world with technological prowess, it won’t be host to dApps, or applied by multinational firms in their IoT techniques. But it will slash the expense of normal trading on a given exchange and, for crypto users, which is additional than plenty of to begin with.

So significantly so, in fact, that there are currently 4 exchange tokens in and all around the market place cap top-100 rankings, with all of them obtaining launched in the final five to eleven months.

So what precisely do exchange tokens present?

Lowered service fees

This is the spine of the exchange token and the primary explanation so many folks use them. Irrespective of whether it’s exchange service fees, withdrawal service fees, listing service fees or just about any other sort of rate, exchanges present discount rates if you use their native token.

Binance is the most thriving of the exchange coins and is 1 of the number of cryptocurrencies to record a web advancement during 2018. The BNB token, or Binance Coin, cuts service fees in half for the initially calendar year of its use. The up coming 4 several years see the reduction amount of money halved just about every calendar year, up right until calendar year five when the benefits disappear.

Token burns

Exchanges like Bibox, Binance, and Kucoin will obtain again their native tokens and burn them on a normal foundation. Binance, for illustration, purchases again a part of BNB tokens every single quarter and burns them. This method will final right until there are only 100 million Binance Coins remaining, hence growing the value of the tokens over time. The circulating supply at the moment stands at just over 114,000,000.

The Bibox exchange operates in a related way, getting again their BIX tokens right until the whole supply hits 200 million.


Kucoin Shares (KCS) are the native tokens on the Kucoin exchange and holders can count on to obtain income on their KCS tokens just for keeping them.

Kucoin requires 90% of its system trading service fees and distributes it to KCS holders. 50% goes to individuals who hold their KCS on its exchange, though 40% is awarded to users who bring in referrals to the exchange.

CryptoBridge Dex and Cryptopia also have a share program in location, but with smaller sized allocations.


Of all the coins and tokens in the top-100 rankings, number of coins have recorded web gains for 2018. Binance Coin has. It went from a value of $8.50 on January 1st, to its recent value of $13.94 at the time of crafting.

That also holds accurate for Huobi Token (HT), and Bibox Token (BIX), and as extended as these exchanges keep on being steady, then so much too need to the upwards trajectory of their native tokens.